Day 6: Searching

Have you ever been searching for something only to discover it was right in front of you the whole time? That was pretty much how my day went. The item I was searching for today was acorns. I spent the afternoon walking from tree to tree at the local park in search of acorns. I did not find any! I even tried to think about the last time I saw an acorn and where I was at. Honestly, I could not remember. When I got home from the park I walked down to the mailbox and scattered all over the neighbors driveway was…you guess it…acorns! Lots of tiny acorns. I also discovered I had acorns in my own yard. Well I felt rather silly, having wondered all around only to find what I was searching for was right outside my door, if I had only looked. Anyways, I gathered up a bucket full and placed the acorns in a glass vase to display on my entry hall table. I think these acorns will serve more than just a decor feature in my entry hall. The small vase of acorns will also be a great reminder that often times what we are searching for is right in front of us…if we would only slow down and take the time to truly look!


Day 4: Fellowship and Decorating!

It felt like Fall outside today! I almost needed a jacket! Along with this welcomed cool weather I had a great time at the church Tabletop Tapestry event this morning (Read the back story in the Day 3 post)! It was a great time of catching with old friends and making new friends! The room that normally serves as the church sanctuary was transformed into a beautiful space with amazing tables! I was in awe of all the creativity, love, and time each lady put into decorating her table. There were 50 tables and 50 themes!

My sister and I had the table in the middle of the room! We chose Galatians 5:22-23 as our theme!

fruit of the spirit printable

You can get the great printable above over at the Jelliebean Journals Blog ( We love this verse! It really speaks to being like Christ. This verse and all that it means was the whole focus of our table-scape!

We started out with a white table cloth and we added orange tulle for some color and sparkle! Then we arranged a cake plate, shadow box, and bread box in the center of the table for risers. A vintage table cloth was draped over the risers to create a uniformed base for the centerpiece.


Then it was time to add the wow factor! Let’s rewind to yesterday afternoon! Remember that tree branch (or mini tree as we called it) that we picked up off the side of the road yesterday? We cut it down a bit and made it into a tree for our centerpiece! The making of the tree was a fun afternoon project and rather simple!IMG_1778 Here is how we made the tree.

 After cutting down the branch to a more desirable size, it was placed in a can with plaster of paris and left outside to cure in the hot Texas sun! Once the branch was set in the plaster. I decoupaged some scrapbook paper to the can! For this I chose a pink paper with crowns. The overall theme of the event today was Crowned in Splendor, so I thought it would be great to tie my tree into the overall event theme!


On the way to the church to finish our centerpiece we decided that the tree needed some paint! After a quick a stop by the store, we added hot pink, gold, and glitter spray paint to the tree in the church parking lot! It come out marvelous! For the finishing touch we tied cards with our theme verse, Galatians 5:22-23 to the tree branches!

The rest of the centerpiece consisted of glass drink dispensers filled with a combination of frozen and fresh cut fruit! The small details of silk flowers, fresh pieces of fruit, and randomly placed scripture cards really tied everything together.


The tree would have photographed better with a solid background, but you can see that it worked out beautifully! I’m so glad my sister chased down the landscape crew, because this truly was the perfect branch to use! The thin branches of our mini tree gave us the height and drama we were looking for without blocking the view of the stage of the people sitting at the tables behind us!


For our place setting we used melamine plates, faux silverware, and soft orange napkins! We wrote key words from our theme verse on each of the small plates and framed the words with blueberry scones from the bakery! The sconces were a big hit with the ladies sitting at our table. I’m glad that they enjoyed their special treat!


I love how our table came out! It was a lot of fun to put together and a blessing to share our creative skills with all who attended the event!

Day 3: Roadside Find

Today I was in a crafty mood! The annual Tabletop Tapestry at church is tomorrow. Tabletop Tapestry is a yearly women’s brunch with a guest speaker and more! Every year women in the church sign up to decorate tables with items from their home. Each table has a different theme and the ladies that decorate go all out! After many years of turning down the opportunity to decorate a table, I took on the challenge!

I partnered with my sister and my mom on the table decor. The theme of our table is Fruit of the Spirit, based on Galatians 5:22-23! We researched fruit table-scapes on pinterest for several days and settled on this one from Hostess with the Mostess Blog


We really like the bright bold colors and the clean lines! This fun table-scape served as the inspiration for our place settings and color scheme. Visit the blog here to see the cutest little girls birthday party:

The main attraction of a Tabletop Tapestry table-scape is the centerpiece. We wanted a centerpiece that was tall, elegant, and inexpensive. We went with this great inspiration photo from pinterest!

Drink dispenser filled with fruit and topped with flowers as a vase.

This flower arrangement from is simply beautiful! It is a perfect combination of fruit and flowers!

After playing with the centerpiece arrangement at home, we decided that something was missing. Back to pinterest for more inspiration! The last inspiration picture is

We loved the idea of bringing nature into our table-scape and dressing it up with some cute scrapbook paper.

Our day tabletop tapestry decorating adventure begun at noon! We headed out to find some branches, planning on collecting about 10 to place in a cylinder vase. As we were driving through the neighborhood, we spotted a branch across the street from the neighborhood pool. The plan was to park in the small pool parking lot and dash across the street to get the branch. As soon as we started across the street, the neighborhood landscape crew stopped and picked up the branch. Nooo! My sister and I chased down their truck and we explained to them that we were in need of the branch for an art project. They looked rather confused but gladly gave us what turned out to be not such a little branch. Triumphantly we carried our approximately six foot branch back across the street!

The real challenge was to squeeze this giant branch, or mini tree as we refereed to it (since it was the size of a small tree) into the back of our mid-size suv. Success! It really is like a mini tree, that looked like a somewhat mid-size branch as a I drove past it!


After checking out the set-up scene at the church, we headed home to get to work on our newly found project! Check back tomorrow to see how our table-scape turned out and how we used the giant tree branch!

Day 2: Changing leaves!

Driving home from work today, I saw the slightest hint of orange on some trees! I was so excited! It is rare sight where I live. I love the colors of Fall and it is something I have missed in recent years.

Growing up in North Texas one of my favorite times of the year was when the trees turned from green to beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and brown. Along with the beautiful warm colors came cool weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and decorating!

It does not yet look like Fall outside, but it can start to look like Fall in my house! What do you love about Fall? Check back tomorrow for the start of Fall decorating and a fun DIY project!

Quote about fall, and one I personally find so true. I enjoy the flowers of spring, but give me the autumn leaves and I am in bliss

31 Days of Holiday Decorating!

I love this time of the year! The smells, the warm colors, spending time with family, football games, bonfires, hot chocolate, warmth, and decorating my house!

Myquillyn The Nest Blog has challenged bloggers everywhere to write every day of October! I have accepted the challenge and will be sharing 31 days of Holiday Decorating!

Over the course of the month I plan to share how I am decorating my house, favorite DIY projects, inspiring rooms, and more! Join me this month and get your home ready for the Holidays!

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Welcome to my new blog! I am glad you are here! Check back regularly for daily posts of personal stories, design inspiration and tips, ways to give back, great food to try, and much more!