Day 6: Searching

Have you ever been searching for something only to discover it was right in front of you the whole time? That was pretty much how my day went. The item I was searching for today was acorns. I spent the afternoon walking from tree to tree at the local park in search of acorns. I did not find any! I even tried to think about the last time I saw an acorn and where I was at. Honestly, I could not remember. When I got home from the park I walked down to the mailbox and scattered all over the neighbors driveway was…you guess it…acorns! Lots of tiny acorns. I also discovered I had acorns in my own yard. Well I felt rather silly, having wondered all around only to find what I was searching for was right outside my door, if I had only looked. Anyways, I gathered up a bucket full and placed the acorns in a glass vase to display on my entry hall table. I think these acorns will serve more than just a decor feature in my entry hall. The small vase of acorns will also be a great reminder that often times what we are searching for is right in front of us…if we would only slow down and take the time to truly look!


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