Day 3: Roadside Find

Today I was in a crafty mood! The annual Tabletop Tapestry at church is tomorrow. Tabletop Tapestry is a yearly women’s brunch with a guest speaker and more! Every year women in the church sign up to decorate tables with items from their home. Each table has a different theme and the ladies that decorate go all out! After many years of turning down the opportunity to decorate a table, I took on the challenge!

I partnered with my sister and my mom on the table decor. The theme of our table is Fruit of the Spirit, based on Galatians 5:22-23! We researched fruit table-scapes on pinterest for several days and settled on this one from Hostess with the Mostess Blog


We really like the bright bold colors and the clean lines! This fun table-scape served as the inspiration for our place settings and color scheme. Visit the blog here to see the cutest little girls birthday party:

The main attraction of a Tabletop Tapestry table-scape is the centerpiece. We wanted a centerpiece that was tall, elegant, and inexpensive. We went with this great inspiration photo from pinterest!

Drink dispenser filled with fruit and topped with flowers as a vase.

This flower arrangement from is simply beautiful! It is a perfect combination of fruit and flowers!

After playing with the centerpiece arrangement at home, we decided that something was missing. Back to pinterest for more inspiration! The last inspiration picture is

We loved the idea of bringing nature into our table-scape and dressing it up with some cute scrapbook paper.

Our day tabletop tapestry decorating adventure begun at noon! We headed out to find some branches, planning on collecting about 10 to place in a cylinder vase. As we were driving through the neighborhood, we spotted a branch across the street from the neighborhood pool. The plan was to park in the small pool parking lot and dash across the street to get the branch. As soon as we started across the street, the neighborhood landscape crew stopped and picked up the branch. Nooo! My sister and I chased down their truck and we explained to them that we were in need of the branch for an art project. They looked rather confused but gladly gave us what turned out to be not such a little branch. Triumphantly we carried our approximately six foot branch back across the street!

The real challenge was to squeeze this giant branch, or mini tree as we refereed to it (since it was the size of a small tree) into the back of our mid-size suv. Success! It really is like a mini tree, that looked like a somewhat mid-size branch as a I drove past it!


After checking out the set-up scene at the church, we headed home to get to work on our newly found project! Check back tomorrow to see how our table-scape turned out and how we used the giant tree branch!


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